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I’m moving. New site: timhodgeblog.com

Posted in Uncategorized by Tim Hodge on 17/10/2013

This blog is moving. I have a new website: http://timhodgeblog.com

I am in the process of building and tweaking it. All of the content from this site is now there (I just have a big SEO headache to deal with now!) and it will be there that all future blog post appear.

Thank you to people who have visited and commented on this blog, your numbers were small but they were appreciated. I hope many of you (yes, you too, mum) will continue to read my ramblings over at the new site.

You can expect pretty much the same old mix of stuff: a bit of football, a bit of SEO and social media, with the odd short story or prose poem thrown in for good measure.

Thank you again for the support and see you on the other side!

Tim Hodge

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